Welcome Ellen Sklar-Abbott, Landscape Painting Teacher!

"Red Barn, Moultonboro, Vermont" by Ellen Sklar-Abbott
“Red Barn, Moultonboro, Vermont” by Ellen Sklar-Abbott

I am thrilled to announce that I am bringing Ellen Sklar-Abbott onto the Santa Fe Painting Workshop roster of teachers.  She comes with over 35 years of painting experience in oil, acrylic, and watercolors, and extensive skills as a professional illustrator.  Ellen’s style of teaching is thorough and relaxed, and she imparts her knowledge of constructing a beautiful landscape painting through sharing tips on applying grayscales to sketches, laying out palettes using a three-pigment plus black and white set up, and mixing to create to color harmonies in the painting. These skills are applicable to other types of painting, such as abstraction, and will give students professional skills that will be sure to improve their paintings.  For more information, go to Landscape Painting and get her full class description and learn how to register.  Welcome, Ellen!

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