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Andrea Joy Cermanski is an artist and educator who has taught Art and English for 13 years.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Masters in Art Education from the University of New Mexico.  A painter for 20 years, she was recently featured in E. Ashley Rooney’s Contemporary Art of the Southwest, has exhibited in Feminists Under Forty, a show curated by Judy Chicago, and had her first solo show, Meditations on Nature, in October of 2011.  A world traveler, Andrea taught English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, and English and Art in Kolkata, India through the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program.  She has shown her work on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, Tubac, AZ, and currently shows her work at the Pez Gordo Gallery in Los Cabos, Mexico. Andrea teaches the Abstraction, Encaustic, and Intensive Workshops.

Andrea’s Curriculum Vitae


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Ellen Sklar Abbott is both an accomplished artist painting in oils, watercolors, acrylics, and gouache, and a working illustrator with a degree in Design. She began her studies with Florence Quater, director of the Quater Art School, an atelier in Tucson, Arizona, who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Beginning at the age of 15 she worked her way through the atelier for the next five years studying every aspect of classical and academic art, including sculpture and anatomy. Following studies with Quater, she studied Fine and Commercial Art at the University of Arizona, Fashion Institute in NYC, Monserrat, and the Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences. She has attended David P. Curtis’s workshops and classes in Essex, MA from 2007-2012. David Curtis is a master painter and a student of the Boston School of Painters.  Ellen teaches the Landscape Workshop.

Ellen’s Curriculum Vitae