Create Surprising Surfaces: My Secret Techniques Revealed

Create Surprising Surfaces: My Secret Techniques Revealed


I have developed a wide array of tricks in my 24 years of painting, and in this workshop I share my favorites with you. Most of these techniques incorporate using common household items you probably have at home right now, but the effects you can achieve are far from common. In this workshop I will also show you how to use these items in unique and archival ways so that your art piece lasts. Sometimes one new technique can inspire the rest of your artistic life, so allow me to reveal the techniques that motivate me to keep painting year after year.

  • Instructor: Andrea Cermanski

  • 2-person minimum/4-person maximum

  • All supplies included (2 stretched canvases, paint, mediums, brushes, palette knives, aprons, etc.)

  • One-day class from 10 am - 4 pm

  • These workshops are offered on specific dates. Please see calendar.

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