Abstract Acrylic Painting (Group)

Abstract Acrylic Painting (Group)


3 hours
Group Size: 2-6 students

Abstract art offers limitless opportunities for expression since there are no pre-determined rules. Whether you are just learning how to paint abstractly, have experience but want to move your work to the next level, or are a realist who needs to round out your skill set, I can personalize the class to your needs. In the class I also share a multitude of painting techniques, tricks, tools, household items, and acrylic mediums useful for creating a stunning abstract piece. In addition, we discuss color and composition to make sure you create an engaging and balanced piece. You will have over two hours to work on two pieces with my guidance and suggestions. At the end of class we will discuss your work—its strengths and areas of improvement. Acrylic paint, brushes, palette knives, mediums, and two 16″ x 20″ canvases (or four 12” x 12” heavy duty acrylic paper if you prefer for ease of transport) will be provided.

Please note: this option can only be booked if your group is 2 or more people.

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